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High-Quality Gas Cooker Repairing Services

Your Gas cooker is still not working, you will need a repair certainly with an expert of gas cooker repair. A gas cooker or cooking range usually has an oven in it. In this situation, Quick Fix Dubai gives you the complete solution for all types of gas cookers and brands though out Dubai and UAE.

What does it cost to repair a Gas Cooking Range in Dubai?

  • Repair onsite charges are AED 120 excluding the spare parts.
  • An inspection fee of AED 50 will be applied and adjusted in the final cost of repair if the repair will not be done during the Visit.

What we do

  • We offer repair and service for appliances.
  • Installation & Maintenance service
  • Well trained technicians with years of experience
  • We have specialized team for built-in home appliances installation and service.
  • We provide emergency services with no additional cost.

Common problem of Gas Cooker:

1.     Surface Burner Won’t Light

This is usually due to clogged holes that’s is why you have to relight it. Make sure that the stove is plugged in if it has igniter and no tripping on the circuit breaker. Otherwise if problem occur, Call Quick Fix Dubai

2. Pilot Light Goes Out

If the flame of the burner continually goes out, clean out the pilot light opening. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting the flame of the pilot light itself.

3.Weak Burner Flame

Oh the burner flame is less than normal? There cold be problem or clogged burner flame openings. Low-quality flames could also be caused by too little gas or too little air getting to the burner. Call for a pro if you suspect the problem is not enough gas.

4. Oven Burner Doesn’t Light

Check oven burner, the pilot flame or the power cord or the thermostat. Common thing to do to solve this is to check the clock timer if set properly.

5. Gas Odor

Ventilate the kitchen. Maybe that’s the cause of the smell. Check all burners, and if you find that they are all in the off position if you can smell the gas. Might be one of the burners is not off. If problem still prevails, call a gas cooker repair professionals.

6. Noisy Surface Burner Flame.

Adjust the air shutter to see if air is the problem, but leave it to the pros to determine how much gas is being released.

7. Greasy Surface

Always wipe down and clean the cooking surface. Regular cleaning of the burners helps ensure more efficiency, using less gas on a lower flame.

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