According to experts at many AC maintenance companies in Dubai, you must get your AC serviced every 3 or 4 months to run efficiently. A properly serviced AC will effectively cool your place without draining and leakage. The best thing about regular AC servicing is that there are fewer chances of future issues. The technician can monitor your duct’s state during the servicing procedure and inform you regarding any extra cleaning or maintenance required. All this will diminish the chances of AC breakdown during the scorching summer heat. Many AC maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai can help you maintain your AC unit.

No. You don’t need to do anything. Our expert technicians do excellent home repair & maintenance in Dubai and can manage it all, along with AC servicing.
Professionals should be the only ones always to perform regular maintenance because it involves potentially hazardous electrical work and climbing onto roofs and ceilings.

Yes, air conditioners naturally remove moisture from the air. One of the first things you should do if your home has a lot of humidity is to ensure your air conditioner is working correctly. High humidity levels may be primarily caused by inefficient air conditioning.

In the summer, most people are content with a daytime temperature of around 21 or 22 degrees, but they prefer a temperature that drops a few degrees at night to help them sleep better. When you are away from home during the summer, keep the temperature between 25 and 26 degrees to reduce humidity and save money. However, the setting is highly dependent on your personal preferences.

Your property’s air temperature is not chilled, which is the most obvious indication that your air conditioner is not functioning properly. If you wake up sweating or you can feel warm air coming from the vents, your air conditioning system probably has a problem. Loud fans and strange noises could also indicate the system is broken. When this happens, you should always call a technician to look at the issue on your behalf. Remember that tinkering around with AC systems on your own is risky. Electricity and water can be deadly together.
A coil in your air conditioner is in charge of cooling the air that flows through it. Because it is housed in your outdoor system and is wet, it can accumulate dirt and mould that sticks to it. Mould and dirt accumulating on your coil will eventually seep into your system, affecting the air quality. Your air conditioner’s unusual odours could mean that your coils need to be cleaned. Coil dirt can also affect energy consumption and system efficiency. At least once a year, your AC coils should be thoroughly cleaned.

We provide you with various services, including AC maintenance, cloth dryer repair, annual maintenance, and washing machine repair in Dubai.

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